Release history

2019/12/28: Version 0.9.4
2018/08/11: Version 0.9.3
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2019/12/28: Version 0.9.4

Maintenance release.

  • Added new proc tcl3dGl2psCreateFile to write out image in all formats supported by Gl2ps.
  • Added new tcl3dPhotoToFloatVector to copy photo image into a float vector.
  • Corrected proc tcl3dVector (uplevel #0 instead of uplevel 0)
  • Added simple compute shader example.
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2018/08/11: Version 0.9.3

Major rewrite of Tcl3D.

General changes:
  • Changed build system from GNU Makefiles to CMake.
  • Removed obsolete sub-packages tcl3dOde and tcl3dCg.
  • Removed include, import and dynamic libraries of external libraries. Use external libraries from BAWT now.
Library specific changes:
  • tcl3dGl2ps: Updated GL2PS to version 1.4.0.
  • tcl3dOgl : Updated GLEW to version 2.1.0.
  • tcl3dOsg : Updated to support OpenSceneGraph version 3.4 and 3.6. Older OpenSceneGraph versions are not supported anymore.
  • tcl3dSDL : Removed CD support. Not supported by SDL 2.X anymore.
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